Sweat Blanket Fáni

Sweat Blanket
Our horse sweat blankets are unique: They keep the horse warm when its cold and also dry it when its wet.

Icelandic wool has the unique quality, that she pulls in the moisture and transports it to the outside. That’s the reason, the horse dries quickly and stays warm at the same time.

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KIDKA sweaters, cardigans and accessories are knitted by knitting machines. The process of washing, brushing and steaming the wool gives it a soft and fluffy texture.  At the same time doesn’t lack the important feature of keeping its owner warm all year-round.

The clothes and accessories surprise with a big variety of designs that are inspired by traditional Nordic patterns as well as modern fashion trends and colors.

During the whole production process the wool garments never leave the country, which makes them genuine Icelandic.

Icelandic Sweaters, Blankets and Accessories are made from sheepwool. KIDKA produces Icelandic wool products, inspired by traditional Icelandic patterns and the newest fashion.


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